Patrizi, Gavi DOCG, 2011

Patrizi, GaviThis wine, our first white, is from the Piedmont region of Gavi, probably the best known white wine region in Piedmont.  It is made from the Cortese grape and is produced in and around the small commune of Gavi, in southeastern Piedmont.  This wine is an example of those that may be labeled differently depending on the producer, as well as the origin.  There is only one officially recognized region (as opposed to Montepulciano d’Abruzzo or Chianti), which is a DOCG region, and wines produced here will be labeled either ‘Gavi’ or ‘Cortese di Gavi’. All Gavi is produced in the Piedmontese province of Alessandria, and Gavi produced in the actual comune of Gavi can be classified as Gavi di Gavi (‘Gavi from Gavi’).  These wines often have a slight frizzantino (meaning it is very lightly sparkling) and have citrus and mineral notes on the palate.

This wine is produced by Patrizi, which is a part of the Manfredi family of wines, and is a Gavi di Gavi (actually labeled as ‘Gavi del Comune di Gavi’, which means ‘Gavi from the comune of Gavi’ and is the same as ‘Gavi di Gavi’).  It has a lot of floral notes on the nose, which is light and vibrant, qualities that are reflected in the body.  The body is very dry and crisp on the palate, with nice, fresh acidity.  It is slightly frizzantino, but not much.  The floral notes are still there, but there are also some fruit notes coming through, namely pear and tangerine.  It has a great, crisp finish.  This wine would pair really well with a seafood dish.

Price: $14


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